Friend Gift Set

Friend Gift Set

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This gift set is for your special friend. 

Set includes: 6 oz Body Parfait, Bath Bomb, Dry Oil Body Spray, Lush Wash Cloth, Bamboo Soap Dish

Scent lists

Pink Delight - Beautiful Dupe, pink sugar, sugar cookies

El Caribe - Bum Bum Dupe

Southern Whiskey - Bourbon, tabacco, caramel, french vanilla 

Rollerskates - cucumber, honeydew melon, violet, tabacco, brown sugar with Hemp oil

Merino - Lemon, pimento berries, white pepper, violet, jasmine, Lily, gardenia, sandlewood, cashmere, lilac, coconut milk

Mother’s Love - vetiver, myrrh, rose, pine, cedarwood, palo santo, coconut milk with Hemp oil

Wake Me Up - Eucalyptus Spearmint with Hemp Oil

Don’t Bother Me - tabacco, coconut cream, clove, cinnamon, cedar wood, musk, pine

Cranbaby - cranberry, pumpkin, Amber, moss, tabaco, baked apple, coconut milk

Fate - patchouli, lemongrass, Orange, pine, sugar cookie, coconut cream 

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